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Hadoop 3 version Major advantages

Let’s Play with BigData more Smartly!!

Hadoop 3.x on the way!! with following features:

 Java 8 Minimum Runtime Version

Another major motivation for a new major release was bumping the minimum supported Java version to Java 8.

Intra-DataNode Balancer

Intra-DataNode balancing functionality addresses the intra-node skew that can occur when disks are added or replaced.

HDFS Erasure Coding

HDFS Erasure Coding is a major new feature, and one of the driving features for releasing Hadoop 3.0.0.

Shell Script Rewrite

The Hadoop shell scripts have been rewritten with an eye toward unifying behavior, addressing numerous long-standing bugs, improving documentation, as well as adding new functionality.

 Support for more than 2 NameNodes.

The initial implementation of HDFS NameNode high-availability provided for a single active NameNode and a single Standby NameNode. By replicating edits to a quorum of three JournalNodes, this architecture is able to tolerate the failure of any one node in the system.

However, some deployments require higher degrees of fault-tolerance. This is enabled by this new feature, which allows users to run multiple standby NameNodes. For instance, by configuring three NameNodes and five JournalNodes, the cluster is able to tolerate the failure of two nodes rather than just one.

Default ports of multiple services have been changed.
Support for Multiple Standby NameNodes

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