Spark Interview Questions by

The below are the list of questions which i faced during the hadoop developer interview as i mentioned having good knowledge in spark and scala in my profile…Happy learning Spark.

  1. Lazy evalution in spark
  2. Why partitions are immutable in spark
  3. Difference between sparkSQL And hiveQL
  4. Difference between map and arraybuffer in scala
  5. Performance tuning of spark. On what basis we need to decide
    • We need to consider all factorsClustersize, inputdata, memory available and cores
  6. Spark SQL support which SQL standard SQL91, SQL92?
  7. Spark DAG generation
  8. How parallel execution happening in spark
  9. Why we need to go for spark…what is the use of it
  10. how to iterate objects in a collection in spark(i didn’t understand this question. i told map)

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