Hadoop Written test FAQ by Sudheer

The below list is the commonly asked questions in written test for Hadoop developer position. These questions are from merilytics,Hyd.

  • Responsibilities of jobtracker?
  • Namenode, jobtracker, tasktraker ports?
  • Difference between nfs, namenode, journalnode?
  • Difference between hive and hbase?
  • Write custom partitioner class?
  • Write the differences between sort and shuffle phase expain with examples
  • What is zookeeper?
  • If the output directory is already exits what will happen in hdfs?
  • 64k, 65mb, 175mb size files are there how many splits will happen in hdfs?
  • Write combiner for the avg value of

Mapper1 : (1950,4) (1950,7)

Mapper2: (1950 , 8)

  • What is the purpose of tasktracker?
  • Incremental import in sqoop?
  • To list all files with blocks in hdfs which command we will use?
  • Row deletion process in hbase?
  • Inputformats commonly used?
  • How to debug your code?
  • How to add native libs in yarnjobs?
  • What is serialization and deserialization..how to achieve these in hadoop?

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